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    March 13, 2012


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    Erick Emde

    Wow! She looks great! I had to laugh at myself - in the long view looking down the starboard side from the bow, my first thought was, "That's pretty rough and wavy.". Then I realized it was just the canvas around the boat to cut down on overspray. That's actually the best testament to how shiny you've gotten her. Your hard work has paid off handsomely.


    Thanks Erick! Appreciate you following along here. I had the same reaction when I first saw some of these pictures and took me the same while to realize that it was just the reflection in the paint. Meant to make a note of that in the blog post but maybe more fun for sharp eyed reader like you to figure it out themselves.

    Yesterday we were busy taping off the areas at the top of bottom where I'm going to put two white stripes to make the transition from the dark blue to white for the decks up top and to the anti foul paint on the bottom. Mostly we are hard at work on the decks now getting them all filled and sanded and ready for the gloss white and then the anti skid paint to go on. So all is going very well and we'll get her back in the water as soon as is possible and that will just be when it will be.

    Thanks again Erick.

    sac prada pas cher

    Tuve la misma reacción cuando vi por primera vez algunas de estas fotos y me llevó al mismo tiempo a la misma cuenta de que era más que el reflejo en la pintura.

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