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    April 21, 2010


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    Rick Feineis

    Hey Wayne. Rick Feineis here. I met you awhile ago at Autodesk and recently came across your tweet while poking around the internet. I think it was through Nancy Tremblay's link to your tweets.

    Nice story here on the Rocna. I almost became the sole importer into the US for the Rocna three years ago, but I decided not to as it was too risky a business. It is interesting to see that they are manufacturing the anchors in China to cut down on cost and to remain competitive to the Manson. The Rocna owner (Steve Bambury) is pretty nice guy to know. Let me know if you ever need to contact him.

    I was interested when I first met you years ago at Autodesk because of your job. If I remember correctly, you were Autodesk's "futurist". That position intrigued me and helped me to remember you.

    Seeing that you are a cruiser (I am too) I found it neat to see that you purchased the Rocna. I also think that the Rocna is one of the top anchors available on the market today.

    I don't have a boat so I cruise on a friend's down in St. Vincent. It is a 43' Fountaine Pajot cat that we have taken offshore for weeks at a time.

    My wife and I love catamarans and hope to cruise globally on a Manta whenever we can figure out how to afford to. Until then we cruise with friends or take my friend's boat out of St. Vincent.

    Thanks for this tweet. I found it interesting. Please give me feedback on the Rocna as you begin to use it more.

    Rick Feineis

    Oops. I just remembered that you were not the "futurist", but rather the Director of Learning. Sorry...

    Futurist still sounds like a cool title.


    Hi Rick, great to "meet up" again. You did have it right as I had that great title of "Strategic Futurist" thanks to Autodesk Inc., but after almost 25 fabulous years with them I retired last year and am devoting most of my time and attention to wondering and pondering the world from my sailboat. But can't seem to retire my futurist tendencies. I worked for the latter part of 2009 with some great colleagues to help start up Velocity Made Good Inc. ( and was the VMG Strategic Futurist there but now I guess I'm Strategic Futurist retired and off looking at the world from this very different perspective and context.

    I still do my best to post some of the many ways the things I learn out here have strong applicability to other more "professional" and business situations up on my Off Course On Target blog The concept of Velocity Made Good is one of them and you can read some of my thoughts on how I see this as a great general use concept in some of the previous postings on OCOT. Then of course the more sailing and personal items here on my Learnativity blog.

    My FaceBook page is a convenient way to keep track of it all and see my Tweets when I'm able to send those out. Once I switch from hurricane season mode to sailing mode, which should be by about the middle of May this year, I tend to have less regular connections as I rely mostly on my satellite phone when I'm away from WiFi connections and internet cafes as I prefer to sail the less travelled routes and anchor in smaller harbors.

    You can expect to see more updates on my experiences with the Rocna anchor once I set sail and start using it full time. I rarely go into marinas so the vast majority of my stops are on anchor other than when I find cheap and good quality mooring balls, so my Rocna will soon get lots of real world testing. Overall I'm very happy with my decision to go with the larger anchor as I expect to have much more peace of mind and confidence when at anchor. 55kg was what I would have prefered and there is no question that the 70kg one I ended up with is a monster, but having it up on the nose for the past few days and being able to look at it as I row away it is much more proportional than I thought it might be and I'm pretty sure that every time I drop it to the bottom and feel that solid pull against it, I will be smiling at what a smart decision this has been.

    Manta's are very good cats so I hope you and your wife are soon able to turn that dream into reality and head off on one soon. I think that cats are the best logical choice for sailing for most but I just couldn't escape the emotional and traditional reasons for choosing a monohull and I'm extremely pleased with how well my 50' steel monohull raised salon works and "fits" me. Of course sailing is all very new to me, this is my frist boat and I'm as surprised as anyone to find myself out sailing around the world as I have not sailing or marine influences in my past that I know of. But I'm a big believer in serendipity and synchronicity and use these as strategies to guide my life and this is where they have led me for now. For whatever reason it just seems to fit me to a T and I'll continue for as long as it does so. The combination of self reliance and independence, the completely new sense of timing, the direct connections to my environments, the new adventures, people, cultures and experiences all just add up to this privileged life I now lead of non stop new and intriguing adventures.

    Very glad we have reconnected and thanks again for your notes and comments. Please keep them coming!

    Wayne & Ruby the Wonderdog
    Aboard s/v Learnativity
    35°43'24.04"S 174°19'29.98"E
    Town Basin Marina
    Whangarei, New Zealand

    Nursing PJs

    It wasn’t too bad wheeling it over to the marina, only a short block away and I’d waited till high tide when the ramp down to the dingy dock isn’t at too steep an angle and was able to wheel it down the ramp without it running away from me

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