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    « Doing the Tsunami Tango in American Samoa: Part III | Main | Wonderdog #2: Rubi-Tsu »

    October 06, 2009


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    Hi Wayne, I second Elliot's sentiment that it is good to know you are safe. It is fascinating to read and view your brush with a potentially deadly force of nature (183 Samoans perished). Good documentation is not only instructive, it optimally makes learning visceral. This you have done admirably here. Using the Samoa tag in twitter I learned that there will be various donation drives to pledge support for the people in Samoa for example e-mailing 99.7FM Radio Telethon this Saturday 10th Oct. from 6pm or donating equipment in Palo Alto to fill a 20 foot container to send
    Learning this way becomes a humanitarian activity. Thanks for sharing.

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    Yeah, am glad you are safe! it's really a humanitarian activity.Keep it up!

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