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    October 01, 2009


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    Sandy Profeta

    Incredible start to the telling of your story! I gasped, held my breath, ohhhh'd and ahhhh'd as I read it. An incredible learning experience for me. Thanks for all the details. It really drives home what happened. I've never read an account quite like this.

    Andy Powell

    Thanks Wayne. I agree with Sandy. An amazing story and a great read. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    Robin Cain

    Wow!!!!!! I was so envious of your adventure. Now I’m not quite so sure. But I am grateful that your agility and resourcefulness saved you and Ruby. Very sure, I would have been in big trouble in the same situation. Wayne, you never cease to amaze us. What a story. Thanks for sharing it with us.


    What a remarkable story. The way you describe the scene is absolutely riveting!

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    Wow! Amazing story. You described simply excellent the situation on the boat during tsunami. It is very dangerous and extremal to be in sea earthquake inside the radius of it's influence!! I hope you will not get no more to such situations:) I prefer to have a vacations on big and safe liner, boat extreme is not for me:)

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    Why does Little Tsunami think that people want her attention so badly?
    I'd ask her but she doesn't allow email.

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    John was then able to relay these to all of you via Twitter and Emails and I can’t thank him enough for helping to get the word out and let everyone know what was going on here.

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    Amazing what tsunami can do with people.

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    And often, one thing that many people note when they buy a home in one of the distant suburbs is that they can "get more home for the money" in a distant suburb vs living closer in.


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    Wow.... Fantastic story. Nature really has a way of knocking your socks off when it wants to huh!?


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    Estaba tan envidioso de su aventura. Ahora no estoy tan seguro. Pero estoy agradecido de que su agilidad e ingenio salvado y Ruby...

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    Nice post. I've been trying to catch up on some of the events and happenings since I landed on the island. Are you sure about Visser not getting a lot of votes.
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