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    April 27, 2009


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    Claude Forrat

    Thanks, Wayne, for inspiring my heart and my spirit with your words :)

    You made me think that Time doesn`t exist ! Today is March 8th, 2012, and I am finishing to read this story you wrote in 2009.

    You made me think about gratitude, too ... that no matter where we are, what we do, what we are going through, Mother Nature is always and everywhere, there for us, to contemplate and to silently make us really understand what all this - l i f e - is about... and to comfort us that we are and will always be ok.

    She reminds us of the essence of life; She reminds us that we need to BE, and to be IN LOVE with life. And to learn with Her, because we are Her kids...

    And ! she reminds us that She knows better. (Am sure all Moms will relate to this ! :)
    Oh! and Happy Women's Day to all Women on Earth ! :)

    Coming back to Mother Nature... I have this feeling that when we finally experience in our guts how powerful She is and how much knowledge She has, we just need to seat down and to really look at Her with our heart and to learn her silent lessons. And we'll be able to listen, in pure silence, through the movements of our soul, all the answers She wants to give us.

    As Her children, when we are in this permanent deep state of wonder and gratitude, every minute of every day of our lives, without having to think about it anymore, we receive from Life the most precious gifts we ever wanted and needed. Why don`t we believe in Santa Claus, again ??? Isn`t life a minute after minute gift ?!!!

    This makes me think : that's all we need to remember... life is our best gift. No regrets, no desires, no dreams to feed. Life IS the dream realized, it IS here, now; so, the very first thing to "do" everyday, is reminding ourselves to be grateful for the most important gift we actually need : being alive !

    Because when we are alive, and aware that this gift allows ANYTHING to happen to us, the best, the most beautiful, the happiest everything, we KNOW deep inside that what we want IS already happening, even if it`s not yet materialized. And suddenly OMG !!! - there it is, present in our life ! What we asked for ! This big weird surprise, appearing from nowhere, that we sometimes don`t trust and don`t believe it`s happening - "no, no, no, it`s not true, this is not what I asked for". But, yes, it is! Time for us to wake up then, and grab the gift, with no fear of being wrong or hurt.

    When we`re able to feel the wonder of life, we are ready to be grateful. And when this happens, gratitude itself becomes a gift, because when we are grateful to life, we are so filled with love that we want to share everything we see and feel with others. And others send us back gratitude and they become a gift for us ! And this eternal circle of love and gratitude never ends - and spreads pure Joy!

    Some ups and downs happen, but it`s also this way we learn and evolve. The essence, still, is being aware of THE GIFT (Hummm, not "The Secret"... :)- but it`s all the same at the end...)

    Being aware that life is a gift we share with each other, this is a gift wrapped in a gift...

    Wayne, thank you so much for this gift wrapped in so many other gifts.



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