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    October 02, 2012


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    I’m often left struggling to breathe as she takes my breath away or I just forget to breath as I’m too busy being overwhelmed with the awemazing things she shows me.

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    Have you ever wondered why Richard Branson is considered a visionary, despite numerous failures and a reputation for taking dangerous risks? What did Steve Jobs do that made him, and the Apple Corporation, the trendsetting giants of a massive industry? How did Mark Zuckerberg change the fundamental process of social interaction with the creation of Facebook? The book also includes practical advice and success stories from other leaders like James Dyson, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Bill Gates and others who have led the way into the new generation of cool leadership.

    “Cool Boss” will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to evolve your business strategy and leadership style for the modern global marketplace. It contains in-depth explorations of real world examples and case studies from some of the coolest business figures of today that continue to change the world with their unique, industry-dominating styles of leadership. This book will be your comprehensive guide to becoming a cool leader, just like them.

    The book covers a wide array of topics and subjects, including…

    The difference between enabling and controlling
    How to lead by example and be an active participant
    Increasing accessibility and communication with employees
    Building unique connections between departments and projects
    Treating employees as people, not assets
    Staying humble and aware of the impact your leadership has on the world
    Being seen as a global leader and an agent of positive change
    Properly choosing when to risk and when to stay safe
    Pushing forward entire industries and societies through innovation
    How to inspire, motivate, and lead from the center
    The reasons why the hierarchical structure of the past is broken
    Improving your reputation as a cool leader
    Efficient restructuring of company vision and function
    How the old approach to business can still be damaging
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    Balancing strong leadership and selfless humility
    Understanding the future, and the perpetual nature of change
    The best way to leave a legacy for the world.

    Can Akdeniz is an author, lecturer and business advisors. Â He is the owner of

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